GPS Personal Tracker

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Pack with features

Our GPS Personal tracker is packed with lot of features and at the same time, it has very decent battery for continuous operation.

Geo Fencing Alert

you will get instant SMS/Email alert whenever your loved one moves out of a predefined area. It also inform your when he will enter the zone.

Designed with great look

It is designed to delight. You will get everything well placed. It also look elegant and fashionable to carry.

Realtime Tracking

We use GPS satellite positioning technology to record a person movement in real-time and transmits that information in a compressed format over the GSM and GPRS network.


Geo Fencing Alert

Now you will get instant SMS/Email alert whenever your loved one moves out of a predefined area. It also inform your when he will be inside the zone.

Track on the move

Thanks to smarphone revolution. You can track the person from your mobile or tablet itself. No need of computer or laptop. Its ‘always-on’ track in your mobile or tablet.


History Replay

This GPS Tracker will also give the history replay. It means now you can see the tracking of previous day and time. On tracking software platform, you can select the date and time from calendar to track a particular duration

GPS Personal Tracker

Our GPS Personal Tracker is fashion looking, slim and light, making it perfect for keeping your loved ones under protection. It is the best choice for you to protect your loved ones when you are not there.

Main functions:

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1. Two-way Communication
Tracking is no longer passive. The tracker supports two-way communication with pre-set family numbers and numbers from the white list, which makes it convenient for family numbers to communicate with anyone carrying it.

2. Geo-fence Alarm
A geo-fence can be set by SMS command to provide a safety net for your loved ones. When anyone carrying the tracker walks in/out of the fence, SOS numbers will receive alarm.

3. SOS Alarm
There will be SOS button for emergency SOS alarm. Anyone carrying the tracker can long press the SOS button to activate SOS alarm. SOS alarm and location will be sent to pre-set SOS numbers.

Track your loved ones

Our GPS Personal Tracking System keep track on the movement of person all the time and records the complete track. It store the data at secured server and whenever you want, you can see it on map.

Compact Design and Smart Look

This GPS Tracker is very handy in size and looks great. This is a real art to put that much functionality in such small master piece.

Mobile App for Tracking

We have native applications for Android and iOS devices that facilitate users to have tracking on their mobile and tablets. If you don’t have smartphone, then please don’t get disappointed, we have SMS facility in which we send periodic location alerts to our valuable customers. Even we have mobile friendly website where you can track you vehicle without installing any mobile software. Its welcome for all. We have solution for everybody.

Group Tracking

Now locate all your persons and vehicles at a time. No matter you have either 1 GPS Tracker or multiple. It is very helpful feature if you have large number of GPS Trackers. Apart from it, we also have various group reporting system where you get various MIS reports.